Winter in Vermont - January Review

Wow, what a busy month. I hope that you all had a wonderful January. I thought I would do a little round up of the past few weeks up here in Vermont. There was a lot of snow and lots of coffee.  Fun celebrations and big milestones. The month seemed to fly by. 

January is always one of my favorite months because my birthday is in January. I had such a fun time celebrating with my friends and family. I don't know about you? But I feel as though birthdays always put everything in perspective. They are sort of like New Years Eve, where you look back on the last year and start to plan for whats next in the future. A big shout out to my amazing friends for making the day of my birthday so special. This was the first birthday in a while that I had not been with at least one member of my family and it is amazing to have such great friends to celebrate with that truly feel like family! 

Quickly after my birthday, it was another exciting day, because I handed in my senior thesis. After working on my thesis all Fall and Winter semester, I am so happy to put the paper behind me. I found a way to incorporate my love for interior design into my Art History thesis and I focused on the Interior Design of the White House. While I am still so happy with the topic I chose; after working on one paper for five months, I am so happy to be done! 

And now as January comes to a close, I am out of school again for another vacation.  (I can already tell that I am going to miss school vacations next year.) I am off to Dallas for the weekend and then will go home to Florida. I am going to Dallas with my friend Caroline to go to the Create & Cultivate Conference. We have no idea what exactly to expect from the conference but we are so excited! I have never been to Texas before and I can't wait to explore Dallas. Of course let me know if you have any favorite spots in Dallas and be sure to follow along on instagram! 


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