Simple Valentine's Day Cards

1. Je T'aime Card by In Hous Press      2. Image via J.Crew Wedding Features   3. With Love Handprinted Postcard by Antonin Plus Margaux    4. Gold Engraved Card by Connor for Barneys      5. Love Bug Engraved Card from Dempsey and Carroll   6.  Image via J.Crew Wedding Features    7. You Are So Beautiful Long Card by Sycamore Street Press   

One of my favorite things in the world is a hand written note. Good old fashioned snail mail. A few years ago I thought I might want to go into stationery and letterpress; I created a small watercolor stationery line and sold it on etsy and also had an internship at a letterpress company in Boston. While my career aspirations have adapted over the years, I will always have an appreciation for a letterpress heavy stock card. I know how convenient texting and email are; yet for the important stuff a tangible card is often the winner. For my birthday, just a few weeks back, one of my favorite parts was receiving thoughtful, kind and loving notes from my family and friends...that seemingly small gesture can mean much more than an elaborate gift. 

With Valentine's Day just around the corner (13 days to go) I wanted to share some cards that I am planning on using this year. As per usual here on Simply Elegant, I tend to gravitate toward the more classic and refined styles. However, that doesn't mean I don't appreciate this sweet card as well.  From Etsy to Barneys there are countless cards out their for everyone on your list, from your boyfriend to your girl gang and even your grandmother.  Will you be sending some snail mail this Valentine's Day? 

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