Get Organized: Truffle Pouches

What is in your purse on a daily basis? Chapstick, a phone charger, makeup? I could not even begin to easily name off everything I have in my bag, because simply, I don't seem to ever travel light. Yesterday, I went to go get my hair colored (for my Vermont readers - Briggs Carriage Co. ) and I probably didn't need much more than my wallet and phone..but I still found a way to fill up my entire tote bag. So if you are like me, and like to have everything you could possibly need in your bag at all times, keeping your bag organized is key! I hate when you are looking for something and you have to rifle through the depths of your bag to find it. 

This is where products from Truffle have come to my rescue! I had heard about Truffle a few times and finally placed an order this winter and oh my gosh, their clear clutches are a game changer! In a range of colors and sizes the clutches are made with high quality leather, a strong zipper and durable clear plastic.  I have a large clutch in grey that is in my bag anytime I also have my laptop in my bag, because I keep all my charges, cords and headphones in the clear clutch.  I then have another one that holds my current needlepoint project (yes, I most definitely am a 70 year old woman at heart..)  I really like the idea of having a smaller clutch for my makeup when I travel...might need to order that next. If you need a bit more organization in your life keeping things separated and ordered in your purse could be a good start. 

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