Beauty Favorite: Habit Nail Polish


Clockwise from top center:    Ingenue (tan),     Soft Focus (light blue),    Blue Velvet,     Deep Sea,     Moss,     Santa Sangre (dark red),      Tabou,     Kitten (bright pink.)

One of my favorite beauty luxuries is a good manicure and pedicure, somehow my nails always look so much better after I go to a salon compared to when I do my nails at home. However, more often than not I paint my own nails. I actually enjoy it almost as much as a fancy spa manicure, nice to be at cozy home and paint my nails while watching tv. Over the past two years, I have been slowly trying to edit my beauty products to find more healthy and safe varieties. There are so many hidden chemicals in mass produced drug store products that it is a great choice to switch to more natural and healthy alternatives.  And more often than not, they aren't alternatives but improvements! 

One of my latest skincare finds is Habit Nail Polish. Aja Frierson founded the company in 2013 in an effort to find a healthy formula that would support nail growth instead of weakening nails as classic nail polishes often do. The natural elements do not stop in the nail polish formula and even extend to the packaging as well, how great are the bamboo caps. We all know that well branded packaging is the key to my heart! I usual opt for a classic red, such as Santa Sangre or Tabou, but the vast range of colors has me considering Sunset Boulevard and Belle De Jour.