Off to Paris


how cute are my parents! 



Today is the day, we are headed off to Paris! I have been looking forward to this trip the whole summer.  For the next week I will be on a family vacation in Paris and London. We are all so excited! Over the years it has gotten harder and harder to find time for my whole family to be free at the same time for a vacation, but luckily this time it worked out. Talk about the perfect way to spend the final days of the summer! 

My mom is the mastermind behind the whole trip and has been the master organizer and planner. We have to many things on our to-do list but we are also just excited to wander the streets and take it all in. We are going to head out of the city to Versailles and to Normandy, neither of which I have been to before. My pick was Versailles while my brother's top pick was Normandy. We also will going to see lots of the main attractions in Paris: the Louvre, the Foundation LV, the Picasso Museum, Notre Dame, Saint Chapel, The Orangeries Museum, Sacre Coeur and more. And then of course we are making time to simply wander, hop into cute brasseries and cafes, explore the Luxembourg Gardens and the Tuileries. 

All of these pictures are from our last trip to Paris in 2012. I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy at the time and when my parents came over to visit I met them in Paris. It was my first time in Paris, and I fell in love with the city right away. While I love Italy, I think Paris is my ultimate favorite.

Be sure to follow along on instagram @simplyelegantblog as I will be posting countless pictures. Otherwise I have not planned any blog posts for the next week so I can fully enjoy our trip. But be sure to check back after as I will share our favorite spots and pictures from the trip.