College Dorm Room: Prints & Posters


Clockwise from top right:        Butterflies,     Black & White Outfit,     Modern Painting,       Palm Leaves,      Pineapples,      Peonies. 

Decorating your college dorm room is exciting and daunting, a simple white box of which you can do what you please. The other day I talked about the perfect bedding for your dorm room, so what is next? Posters. While you could simply find movie and tv show posters, I prefer to go more for more unique pieces. Over the years I have found that the best sources for unique prints and posters are Urban Outfitters and Society 6. Urban Outfitters is not exactly my style clothing wise, but they have a great home section. Society 6 is a wonderful source, similar to Etsy, in that is is a platform that includes a wide range of artists. One of my favorite elements of Society 6 is the ability to buy prints in various sizes, great if you are filling a small or large space. 

If you prefer bright and some what girlie pieces, there are countless options, but there are also beautiful photographs that feature nature, or fun quotes. I have pulled together some of my favorites! If you are not in college, not a problem, these prints are also great for any space in your apartment or home. I have some framed in my bedroom at home. Society 6 even offers versions that come pre-framed! Do you have a favorite spot for affordable artwork and prints? 


Clockwise from top left:    Be You,      Gin & Tonic,       Life is Not Perfect,        Don't Let Yesterday, Good Vibes Only. 


Clockwise from top left:       Cactus,     Ocean Waves,      Pine Trees.