At Home with Hyla DeWitt

For as long as I can remember I loved interior design. I with out a doubt get this interest from my mother; she has impeccable taste and in another life, I think she would have been a great designer. Together my mom and I both love shelter magazines, from House Beautiful to Architectural Digest; my favorite section of each magazine are the home tours. I love to be able to peek into someone's home and see how they decorated and live in the space. The way someone decorates their home can give you a sense of who they are, it can say a lot about a person.  

Beyond magazines, I also love seeing home tours on blogs or websites. The Style Guide from One Kings Lane is a go to source of inspiration and then of course there is Pinterest. But one of my other favorite websites for home tours is I Suwannee, the accompanying blog to the Raleigh shop, Furbish Studio.  Every month or so a new home tour is published under the category of The Real Raleigh. These home tours are unique because they are not the homes of celebrities or acclaimed interior designers, but local Raleigh residents.

One of my favorite home tours to date on I Suwannee is the home of Hayla Dewitt. As an owner of a  jewelry company, Hayla's home is full of character and charm. I was so inspired by the home that I wanted to be sure to share it with you all.  Keep scrolling for more images of this beautiful Raleigh home. 

"I love the grand entrance that the double doors make when entering and the drama of the green high gloss walls."

"My husband and I always make a point to find something unique on our travels."

images via I Suwannee

photography by anna barzin.