The Perfect Gift // Text Pouches

Gifts -  finding the perfect gift for a friend can be one of the hardest things. But it can also be really fun!  It can take a lot of searching to find the right gift for a friend, but once you find something that will be great, it is worth it.  I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I know I have found something my friend will really appreciate. When you have the time to search for a gift...all is well. But sometimes, something comes up or a birthday sneaks up on you and you need a gift ASAP. Cue the stress!  I hate those moments where you are pressed for time but don't want to settle for something that you know is not right. 


To try to avoid the last minute hunt for the perfect gift, I a few small tools in place to help me out. 

  • First up, listen to your friends! Yes, yes, aren't we always supposed to be listening to your friends? But don't be a passive listener, really pay attention. I try my best to take note of little things that my friends say, from what items they love to their favorite flower. I then pull at my phone and subtly add some of these things to notes in my phone. With each contact on your iphone you can add notes, so all you have to do is pull that up and write down that they 'love peonies' or that they are 'eyeing the quilts from Roberta Roller Rabbit.' This may seem odd, but I swear, it will help you down the line! When their birthday comes up out of no where it is so helpful to have a quick little list to refer to! So that is tip number one.
  • Tip number two is to use the Secret Boards on Pinterest. If you are pinterest obsessed like I am, then I am sure you are already using these like no other for saving inspiration for your home or maybe a shopping wish list. But what I suggest is adding a new secret board for Gifts. This can be the place where you can save that coffee table book that would be great for your Grandmother or that beautiful throw pillow that you don't need but still love and think might be right for someone. My secret gift board is my catch all, a place to save all those little ideas I have that I would otherwise forget a few days later! 

Now that you know my little secrets to coming up with gifts for friends lets chat about these adorable Text Pouches from Gaia for Women. I can't tell you where I came across these beauties but I can say, not surprisingly, that they are in my Gift Secret Board on pinterest. When I spotted them yesterday, I realized I had saved them away on my pinterest but never shared them here on Simply Elegant. Wouldn't these be so cute as a gift for your best girl friends, I mean "BFF" is one of the options! Or maybe the "Mamacita" pouch for your mom! There are just so many cute options. Also, I feel like we could all use another small pouch, I love pieces like this because I use them non stop to stay organized! I always have about 3+ pouches in my purse, one with makeup, another with my phone charger and another for receipts and odds and ends. 

What about you all? Do you have a go-to gift or a way to find the perfect present? I would love to know! 

How cute are these bridesmaid gifts? Text pouches and makeup from Beauty Counter. 

images via the Gaia instagram