Mi Golondrina Dress

It is the middle of March...so that means it is Spring Break season. While it may not be snowing up in New England anymore, that doesn't mean that it feels like spring either. March may be one of the worst months weather wise because it is in between cold and warm and often just rainy most of the time. So it is the perfect time to take a vacation, go somewhere warm and soak up some sun! And if you are one of these lucky people who is about to escape from up north and transport yourself somewhere warmer, it is time for you to start packing and finding all your warm weather clothes that you haven't worn since last summer.  Grab your favorite bathing suitbeach coverup,  and some fun sandals. If I were you, the one dress I would be sure to pack is my new embroidered dress from Mi Golondrina.  

I have been eyeing Mi Golondrina tunics for quite some time, probably about a year or two, after seeing the beautiful pieces on some of my favorite blogs (here and here.) So when I went to Dallas last month I knew that I wanted to reach out to Cristina to see if there was any way we could stop by their showroom to try some dresses and tunics on. And oh my gosh it might have been one of the best shopping experiences of my life! Cristina and Loren were so sweet and not only helped me and Caroline find pieces within the showroom but they also took us to their back room where we could search through multiple clothing racks to find the colors and designs that were our favorites! Each piece is hand-embroidered by women in Mexico and the craftsmanship is exquisite!

I had the hardest time deciding on what pieces to purchase...there were too many beautiful options. I ended up buying the white embroidery on white cotton dress that I am wearing above and a tunic that has both gold and silver embroidery. ( They don't have any two pieces that are exactly the same, but this dress and this dress are similar in that they are both neutrals. And this silver and white top is very similar.)  I wanted to find pieces that would be as wearable as possible, no matter where I was, in Florida or in New York, so I decided to stick with neutral colors. But that doesn't mean that some of the bright colors didn't catch my eye. 

My trip to Harbour Island last month was the ideal occasion to wear my new dress.  The beautiful embroidery and detail allows for the dress to be ideal for travel because no added jewelry or accessories are needed.  You can simply throw the dress on and be ready to go! So if you are headed on a beach vacation sometime soon, or just simply longing for warmer weather, I suggest you take a look at the beautiful Mi Golondrina pieces!  And email Christina and Loren if you have any questions on sizing or colors, they are extremely helpful. I am thinking I may need to reach out to them also because this tuxedo top is calling my name.