Wise Words #5

Happy Monday! I wanted to start off the week on an inspirational note here on Simply Elegant. As I am about to face a major transition in my life, the end of college and the beginning of a new chapter; I am continually finding myself lost in thoughts about the future. I wonder what will happen, where I will live, what my days will be like and so much more. My mind wanders from big questions to small and seemingly minuscule worries. I have always been prone to anxiety and racing thoughts so these thought patterns are nothing new. However, as I work to be more mindful and present in my daily life I am trying to move away from planning every step of my unkown future but instead living in the moment! So when I spotted the quote above on pinterested it seemed fitting to share here on the blog. 

You don’t always need to plan. Sometimes you just need to let go, and see what happens.
— Unknown.

No matter how many plans we makes, to-do lists we write or goals we set, we will never know exactly what the future has in store. This is what I am working to remind myself of this week, what about you? Any thoughts or inspirations that you are motivated by currently?