My Daily Reads

I don’t know about you but my ideal morning starts with a cup of coffee and some computer time. (Or lately, I have actually been starting my day with hot water and lemon first and then switching to coffee..but we should discuss that wellness tip on another day.) Today, I thought we could discuss our go-to websites. The places I have bookmarked on safari, or don’t even need to bookmark because I end up on their website no matter what.

So picture this, I am sitting at my desk, drinking my morning hot water or coffee, on my iMac and most likely still in my pajamas, maybe even my robe (so soft!) Instinctively I  start by browsing my email inbox. I have all my email accounts, all five of them (!!), synced with Apple Mail for easy organization and access. I’ll browse through, read any emails that need immediate attention and then I check the news. 

Reading the newspaper is not something that comes naturally to me; while I like to be up to date and engaged in world events, I equally enjoy reading about a new face cream or interior design project. So I must admit, I don’t read the New York Times cover to cover; instead, I look for compiled updates via email subscriptions to The Skimm and NYTimes Now Morning Briefing.  For years I have been a Skimm girl because I am all about supporting women led businesses, but as of late I have been reading both the Skimm and the similar version from the New York Times. Both summaries simplify and condense the latest news from a given day. As I read through these two email newsletters, I often click through their links and end up online, where I will continue to read other NYTimes articles that catch my eye.

When my interest in national and global news begins to subside a new safari page is opened and I load my favorite fashion and wellness based websites. This is where the fun really beings:

• - an obvious start for what is new in fashion and culture.

•   Man Repeller -  similar to Vogue, but content that is often more accessible, relatable and entertaining. 

•   Into the Gloss - to play into my obsession with all things skincare and beauty. 

•   Well and Good - to move from skincare into more general wellness and fitness. Because who else doesn’t want to know what new fitness studio is opening in Manhattan... even though I am living in Vermont. 

•   MyDomaine - I like to continue to read about wellness but also have some home decor thrown in there as well. (This will often lead to clicking over to sister sites, Byrdie and Who What Wear.) 

•   Occasionally Refinery 29 and Goop will sneak into the mix. As well as some or more business led sites, such as Fast Company. 

•   Somewhere along the way I end up wanting to pin an image on Pinterest or share an article on Facebook or Twitter. And from here…who knows where I could end up as I get lost in the depths of the internet. 

Somewhere in there I have made it through my cup of coffee and realize that more than an hour has already passed. I look at the clock and realize I have less than half an hour to eat breakfast and get dressed before heading off to class. And that is when my internet browsing is cut short….but in truth this is only just the beginning. This is where my time on the internet begins; and then later in the day I move on to checking my favorite blogs!