Spotlight - Meredith Melling

Meredith Melling = fashion goals.

The other day I came across an interview with Meredith Melling regarding her beauty routine, I quickly became impressed. After a quick google search and stop on pinterest, it became clear that Meredith has exquisite taste. I was drawn to her style and outfit choices instantly. It seems that she tends to wear a lot of solid colors and simple silhouettes, choices that are right up my alley.  Her outfits have a timelessness quality to them, looks that will surely continue to impress for years to come. Meredith's great sense of style is no surprise due to her career in fashion; she worked for years at Vogue and also led the great influx of content on She has since moved to start her own businesses, a consulting firm, La Marque, and a clothing brand, La Ligne.  All of these images are making me take note, reminding me to stick with tailored and classic items,. One thing is for sure, outfit inspiration is ten fold when it comes to Meredith Melling.