Simply Found #12

Simply Found 12 - Shopping List. Zara Striped Top, Dash Albert Jute Rug, Kit and Ace, Margaux Ballet Flats

Clockwise from top right:     1. Zara Striped Sweater     2. Dash & Albert Natural Jute Rug     3. Halo Home Monogramed Cocktail Napkin     4. Margaux Demi Flat in Black (I also love the blue)        5. Ocean Waves via Pinterest        6.  Kit & Ace Concordia Wrap  (on sale!)     7. Indigo Pillow at Clementine Store


And just like that, summer is on its very last leg with only a few more days in August. With graduation, time at home, moving to New York and starting a new job - the past few months have been a whirl wind for me. Time has simply flown by but I looking forward to the upcoming fall season. 

This week's edition of Simply Found is in line exactly with this time of year, right on the edge of summer and fall. That unique time of year where the seasons start to meld together as the weather is in flux. Soon enough the temperature will drop and this striped sweater from Zara will be a perfect item to have in your closet. Or maybe this lightweight jacket from Kit & Ace, I purchased this dress (now on sale!) earlier this summer and have quickly been keen on all of their items. When it gets too cold for sandals, we will be back to wearing flats and loafers every day before it turns to winter. Earlier this summer I bought these grey flats and they have quickly become my go to shoes, so I am thinking of trying the Demi style from Margaux next. Now the only questions is if they should be in blue or black? 

After searching for a neutral rug for my apartment, I turned to my tried and true favorite, Annie Selke's Dash and Albert. Their Natural Jute Rug has the look of a sisal rug but it is much softer under your feet. The rug arrived last week and it works perfectly in my apartment! I am still on my hunt for the perfect blue patterned pillows, this indigo pillow from Clementine Store is moving to the top of my list. And then how beautiful are these monogramed cocktail napkins? I love the tassel detail.