Gracie Wallpaper

Do you ever think about what your dream house would look like? I do. I probably think about it a lot more often than most 22 year olds, but that is okay!  I am constantly adding new images to my interior's inspiration board on Pinterest, from a minimal kitchen to a velvet sofa. There are elements of my dream home that hopefully one day might become reality and other design elements that may be a bit more out of reach...but it is still worth dreaming about, right?

In my dream home I would have Gracie wallpaper in my entry way or dining room. The beautiful, hand painted, asian inspired wallpaper is beyond beautiful. These chinoiserie designs are the favorites of acclaimed interior designers like Mark Hampton, to current tastemakers like Tory Burch and Aerin Lauder.  The two main producers of these chinoiserie wallpaper designs are Gracie and De Gournay; I would happily accept wallpaper rolls from either company but I do think that I prefer Gracie because their styles are typically in more muted and subtle hues. As you can see in these images, I suspect that I would probably go for a blue or green color way. 

They have a painterly quality, irregularities, and a given cycle never repeats itself in the Chinese wallpaper...That’s wonderful, when no two birds in a scene are alike.
— Mark Hampton to the New York Times

So what do you think? Do you share the same aesthetic as Tory Burch and Aerin Lauder? Would you have Gracie wallpaper in your dream home? 

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