In Need of a Facial? - Think Heyday


After two months in New York City I have started to experience the busy hustle and bustle that people discuss when the consider life in the city. The act of always rushing from one thing to another can happen to me without much thought on any given day. While my life is not as busy as most New Yorkers, I do not have a full time job or family to raise, I am beginning to understand the busy lives many people live. Therefore, I can understand how precious 30 minutes or 50 minutes is within a jammed back day. So, when in these fully booked days do you find time for yourself? Time to exercise, get a manicure or a facial?

This is where Heyday enters the scene. The new boutique skin care location offers facials that compliment one's busy day instead of overriding your schedule. Open from 7am till 10pm with appointments for half an hour or 50 minutes, you can easily pop in over your lunch break or before or after work. If you are restless like me, and find spa days to sometimes be more annoying than relaxing, than this is the place for you! I described a facial at Heyday to a friend as "the Drybar of facials." The space is built to allow facials to become party of your monthly beauty routine instead of a yearly splurge. The various timing options and accessible price point make it a no brainer to pop in for a facial.


I went to Heyday for the first time two weeks back and had a wonderful experience. I was greeted by friendly staff as I walked in the door and was quickly handed off to my esthetician. She led me down the open hallway to her little alcove, where I slipped of my shoes, stowed my bag, charged my phone (amazing touch!) and laid down on a reclined chair. Are you used to having to going into the changing room, put on a bathrobe and find a locker to store your bag in? None of that happens here. All of that unnecessary fluff time is put aside, and instead focused on your facial. I opted for the 50 minute facial as it was my first time and I was so please with the experience. After the facial, with a fully charged phone, my esthetician led me back up to the front of the studio. She kindly suggested two products without pressuring me into feeling I HAD to buy them; her strategy worked. Without the prodding that can occur at other salons, I took her suggestion and purchased a new moisturizer with spf (embarrassed that my old moisturizer didn't have sunscreen in it) and an exfoliating mask. 

An hour later, I left Heyday relaxed and refreshed! Later that afternoon, a kind email popped up in my inbox full of skincare routine suggestions from my esthetician; how to cleanse and treat my skin day and night. This is a goldmine! One of my biggest problems in the skincare world is what order I am supposed to apply my products in? I have flagged this email and already returned to it constantly. (Serum first, moisturize second..if you were wondering.) After a wonderful first experience, I am already looking at my calendar wondering when I should head back to Heyday next? 


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NOTE: This post is not sponsored or supported by Heyday. It is simply a company I heard of through the grapevine and wanted to try...and then after my great experience, a resource I wanted to share.