Goodbye New York City

Last Thursday was my last day of my internship in New York City. While I have been to New York many times throughout my life for weekends or short vacations, I don't think I had ever been in the city for longer than a week. Overall, I had a wonderful two months! I have always thought that New York would be where I want to move after I graduate, so this past summer was a sort of test run before I go into my senior year of college. And in conclusion, it was a success! Of course we will see where I end up, but I would be more than happy to return to New York. It is such a wonderful city: so many different areas to explore, streets to wander, and restaurants to try. 

Do you all have a favorite city? I have never been to Chicago but I have heard from friends that they think I would like it. San Francisco is also a wonderful city, and Boston will always have a place in my heart after growing up there. 

Now I am back home in Maine for the next few weeks before I head back to school. I am excited to have a few weeks of vacation, to relax and enjoy the warm summer weather. And then I am sure that before we know it, it will be the fall. 

wearing -   jeans,    top (on sale!),  sandals