By the Pool

The other day while I was on Pinterest I realized that I have countless pins of pools. Beautifully designed pools surrounded by palm trees as well as pools at gorgeous New England homes. My 'exteriors' Pinterest board is full of pools, which is great but also somewhat comical. I am in college, I don't even own an apartment, let alone a house, and therefore I definitely don't have a pool. And I don't think a pool is in my future any time soon. But the fact remains, I am drawn to images of pool decks and patios. Lets hope that 15 years from now Pinterest will still exist so I can look back on all these pinned images for inspiration. 

So along with my imaginary future pool, I am going to need some chaises and patio furniture. Have you all heard of Santa Barbra Umbrellas? Their designs are perfection. From simple classics, to fun stripes or a great cut out trim like the grey umbrella below. I would pick out my umbrella first and then design the rest of the pool patio from there. Below I have pulled together some items that I am including in my planing for my future pool.