Weekend in Miami

This weekend we are heading a bit farther down south in Florida to Miami! Even through we live just over an hour away I have never been to Miami or South Beach (crazy right?!) So as a birthday gift from my parents, we are all heading down to celebrate this weekend. I am so excited to walk up and down South Beach and take it all in, I am sure it will be quite a scene. We are also planning on heading to the design district, as well as seeing some of the iconic artwork/graffiti in Wynwood. 

We went back and forth about what hotel we wanted to stay at, floating between the iconic Raleigh Hotel, The Betsy Hotel or The Standard Spa. In the end we decided to stay at The Betsy, a smaller hotel right on the end of south beach. As we are only there for the weekend we didn't want to be in the more secluded area where the Standard is and also wanted a bit of a smaller feel than the Raleigh. However, we are definitely planning to head over to the Raleigh for drinks to check it out. We also have plans to go to Casa Tua, Mandolin, and The Dutch for meals. 

Other those plans we are going to try to keep it all relaxed and just decide what we want to do in the moment. I just think it will be so fun to see the whole scene of it all. Have you all spent time in Miami? Please send along any recommendations of Miami favorites! 

The  Iconic pool  at the  raleigh hotel,  how amazing is that shape?! 

The Iconic pool at the raleigh hotel, how amazing is that shape?! 

Browsing around for images has made me even more excited for the weekend! Garance Dore never disappoints with amazing inspiration and I also found a great post over on Smitten Studio. 

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