Liebster Award - Behind the Blog


One of the things that I never really expected out of starting a blog is the wonderful community of bloggers that I would get to know. Before I started my blog a little over a year ago I had read posts by many other bloggers praising their online community..but initially I just wasnt so sure. But after a year in, all I can say is wow! It has been so wonderful to connect with so many great people around the country. One thing that is so wonderful about the online community is the ability to connect with people who you have shared interests with. 

While so many of my best friends share the same taste as me, some of my other besties are not so interested in shopping and design, which I totally understand. It has been  wonderful to find so many great gals around the web who share my same ascetic and style. One of the amazing people I have connected with over the last year is Annie Reeves, if you havn't checked out her blog you need to head over there asap! I am always loving the items she shares in her shopping posts, and then her images of Charleston..makes me want to go visit in heartbeat! So last week Annie nominated me, and some other wonderful bloggers for the Liebester Award. If you are a big blog reader you have probably seen these posts around the web, but if not, the nominees are selected from fellow bloggers as a way to highlight and recognize some of there other favorite blogs around the web. 


To get to know bloggers, the nomination comes with fun questions for bloggers to answers to help to get to know each person a bit better. So here goes: 

  1. Describe yourself in three words: Caring, Creative, Inquisitive 
  2. Your last meal on earth would be... Oh this is to decide. The dinner would probably be based around some Italian inspired favorites (thank you to my time in Florence, Italian food always wins my heart!) and then the meal would follow up with a more american desert..simple but delicious ,vanilla ice cream with my mom's homemade chocolate sauce. Oh and there would definitely be champagne! 
  3. Songs currently on repeat: Do you all watch Keeping Up with the love for trahsy reality tv means that I obviously watch that crazy family. So how does this connect to my latest music favorites? Well I just discovered that Bruce Jenner's son Brandon, and Brandon's wife Leah, have released a new album, Together. And I have been listening to the relaxing and beautiful songs on repeat on my spotify. 
  4. Any 2015 blog-related goals: I have lots of goals roaming throughout my brain for this little blog, but I would say my main goal is to work to post on a regular schedule throughout the year. It can be hard to keep with the blog at times with my busy life at college, but I want to work to continue to focus my energy (when I can) on the blog. I am also scheming up a interview series that I would like to start with some fellow young creatives and hopefully I will have more on that soon! 
  5. Rack 'em: shoes, jewelry, bags: Oh bags come first for sure!! My family and friends constantly joke with my about my love (possibly obsession with bags.) I just feel that unlike clothes or accessories, a great bag can be used day in and day out. So if you are using something every day, you need to love it (and maybe justify splurging on it a bit.) Next would come shoes and then jewelry. While I love a good statement earring from time to time, I usually like to keep it simple with smaller everyday jewels. 

So next up I get to nominate some of my favorite blogs to highlight. I nominate, Ashley of Minck Co., Michelle of The Mich Mix, and Emily of The Fielding Report.  So here are some questions for you girlies:

  1. When and why did you start your blog? What inspired you to start?
  2. What are your favorite blog posts to create and what are the hardest?
  3. What blogs, magazines or websites do you often look to for inspiration?
  4. What is your favorite social media platform? And who do you love following?
  5. What are some of your blog goals for 2015?
  6. Favorite shopping purchase from 2014? 
  7. What three pieces do you wear the most in your closet? 
  8. Rank em': shoes, jewelry, bags?