Natural Skincare - Tata Harper

Items Clockwise:  (all tata harper products)     resurfasing mask,     Rebuilding Moisurizer,      Lip tint,       be fierce lip treatment,       regenerating cleanser

Items Clockwise:  (all tata harper products)    resurfasing mask,   Rebuilding Moisurizer,    Lip tint,     be fierce lip treatment,     regenerating cleanser

Over the past year or so I have been working hard to switch up my skincare routine to more natural and organic products. I have always struggled with problematic skin - a combination of both oily and sensitive. But over the past year my skin has never felt better. I suspect that we can all agree that we would prefer to have less chemicals in our life, but following through on that belief and truly re-considering what we use daily can be more difficult. I know I still have many areas to continue to work on, my laundry detergent or toothpaste should probably both be replaced; but so far I have yet to find a natural and organic alternative that does the trick. 

However, in contrast, there are countless natural and organic skincare brands out on the market that provide the same (or I would argue, better) results than their chemical heavy alternatives. While, I use a collection of various brand, one of my favorites is Tata Harper. Based in Vermont (just a short drive from where I go to college) all the products are made with the finest, freshest and natural ingredients. I can promise you by just one use, you will be hooked. Everything smells heavenly and feels wonderful on your skin. Slowly over the past year I have built up quite the collection of Tata products, I am just always so happy about what I already have that I can wait to try another one of their products. Everyday I use their Regenerating Cleanser and Rebuilding Moisturizer, then every few days I switch it up and use the Purifying Cleanser as well. The first product I tried from Tata Harper that got me hooked was their award winning Resurfacing Mask; I just polished up my second bottle so I will have to be sure to order some more. My latest obsession are their lip & cheek tints, I got two in my christmas stocking and have loved using them the past two weeks. 

Some other brands I love are RMS Beauty, their living luminizer is an amazing all purpose product. Then I swear by the sugar exfoliating scrubs by Organic Bath Co (another local company, based in Boston!) This summer I got hooked on their RefreshMint Scrub and right now I am also loving their Java Jolt Scrub. I have found that Organic Bath Co's scrubs and lotions make wonderful gifts, my mom is now equally obsessed with the RefreshMint Scrub! 

Do you all try to use more natural and organic beauty products? What are your favorites? I am always looking for some new products and brands to try. 

-this post is not sponsored by any brands, I am simply sharing products that I love and use daily - 

 - all images taken by Nan for Simply Elegant Blog-