Break the Rules - White Jeans

Now remind me, is there some rule about not wearing white jeans after Labor Day? I think there might be. But then when you are in Florida in January does that rule still need to apply? I say no, or at least why not break the rules! 

When I am in Florida, or really anywhere when the weather is above 70 degrees I feel as though I live in my white jeans. So simple and classic. They also go with everything so it makes putting an outfit together very simple, and who doesn't love that? As I have been wearing my white jeans day in and day out, I thought it was time to buy another pair or two, and I cam across this amazing pair by James Jeans. How great is that blue tuxedo stripe down the side? 

With my birthday coming up in a few weeks, I thought I would pair the jeans with a few other pieces I am eyeing; some dainty stacking rings, a classic watch and my all time favorite flats. 

What do you all think, is it okay to break the traditional fashion rules and keep wearing white jeans in the winter months?