A Matter of Time

Oh the ebbs and flows of life... Do you all ever have those days where you just get stuck, where one little thing goes wrong and it completely changes your mood. Realistically it was nothing earth shattering..but something that you can't seem to get over? Yesterday I had one of those days - one little thing, one conversation later and my whole day seemed to have fallen apart. Like a flip of a switch all of my thoughts were focused on this one thing, taking over all of my attention and energy. At times like this, when I step back, I can usually acknowledge that my frantic thoughts are not realistic and necessary. But the next step is to act on that, to let it go, move on and continue with your day... but that is often easier said than done.  I often find that I need to step away from whatever I am doing, taking 30 minutes to stop and refresh.

Yesterday I decided that my distractive remedy would be grabbing a coffee in town. To leave the midd-term anxious world of the college library, and go get a coffee at Cursive in town, which of course led me to stop next door into my favorite shop, Clementine. On Thursdays and Fridays, Clementine offers a little something special, fresh flower arrangements by Megan of 200Lemons. What a great surprise and added bonus to my coffee excursion. Twenty minutes later, I had my coffee, these beautiful flowers (pictured above) and the kind words of Megan and Emily on my mind. In that little amount of time and through those simple acts I was able to move past my crazy mood from earlier in the day.

A great reminder that everything is a matter of time, that emotions and feeling pass, it could be as simple as a few minutes, a few days or longer. But in the end we keep going! This is something I constantly seem to forget during hard moments; but in the coming weeks, I am going to consciously work on remember that all things pass with time and to focus on the positives. To work to find the simple ways that I can improve my day, my mood and my life! Do you all ever get stuck in these funky moods? Any good tips or tricks for moving on?

I hope that you all have a wonderful, relaxing and refreshing weekend. After this past week (and my morning yesterday) I am so excited to be home for the long weekend and simply relax!

- photographs taken by Nan for Simply Elegant Blog -