Everyday Pieces - Bracelets

1. Bronze Thin Cuff from Stephen Allen      2. Black Jawbone Up       3. Monica Vinader Friendship Bracelet         4. Blue Cruciani Clover Bracelet from Bauble Bar       5. Elastic Hair Tie       6. Gold Link Bracelet (a gift, but this is similar or this)

Happy Thursday everyone! As you might have noticed things have been a bit quieter over here on the blog because I am back at school. I always try to put my school work and college life first, so there might not be as many daily posts as in the past. But I am still hoping to pop in a few times a week! So here I am, Thursday with only my second post of the week! Woops, I dont mind, and hope you all dont either!

One of my favorite posts that I read last week was Ashley's post about her fifteen favorite things, all items that she currently owns and loves. If you are like me, I am sure that you are always coming across pieces that you would love to add to your closet. But obviously we are not going to buy everything we love (if only!) So I thought it would be fun to share my some of my favorite items that I personally wear day in and day out.  I often start a post based on one item I own and then build it off from there, such as  my post 'Everything Red.' Where I come up with the concept because I want to share this great red sweater and dress that I just bought, and then from there, while we are at it, why not add the other red items that are on my wish list.

Today, and hopefully in the future, I thought I would only share items that I own and would highly suggest and give raves reviews about. These are the items I wear daily, and today I thought I would start with my bracelets. Some I never take off, and others I wear at least three times a week. I love a fun statement bracelet every once and a while, but I usually stick with these simple pieces.

I would love to know, do you have a few favorite bracelets that you always wear and would suggest?