Day Designer by Whitney English

If you are neurotic like me and need to be overly organized, I highly suggest you head over to Etsy to see Whitney English's Day Designer. The ideal daily planner with a full page given to every day of the year. While I use the calendar on my phone, I also find that I need to write out my schedule and my many to-do lists.


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If you have heard of the Day Designers you may know that they have a bit of a cult like following...and so today they released their 2015 planner. Yes 2015, as in next year! But let me tell you it will be so worth it, do you all know how hard it is to find a good everyday planner?! My friend Ilana introduced me to the Day Designer last year and I was instantly jealous and had to be sure I got one for next year. This year they are releasing lots of new cover patterns, I chose the simple and pretty Aqua Shell pattern (#3.)  Head over to the Whitney English Etsy shop to check out all the patterns, and order one while they last!

- images via Whitney English Etsy  -