Blair Eadie Doesn't Shy Away from Color


On October 22nd, Blair Eadie (aka Atlantic Pacific) is launching her first clothing line with Halogen (a brand owned by Nordstrom.) The 150 piece collection will be up for sale starting on October 22nd on the Nordstrom site and in select Nordstrom stores around the country.

I have always admired Blair’s feminine and colorful style. I tend to wear a lot of solid neutrals (black, navy, grey, etc.) but I always love to see how Blair puts her outfits together because sometimes it makes me second guess my usual muted hues. She inspires and reminds me that bold colored clothing and accessories can be fun and beautiful. Therefor, I could not be happier to find out that later this month we will be able to purchase items of Blair’s design! Watching the launch video and seeing some of these early images - the collection seems reminiscent of the Jenna Lyons days at J.Crew! And possibly the best news of all - every item is under $250. 

I am not sure about you, but I have added a reminder in my calendar for October 22nd to shop this collection! 


Images 1-5 via Pop Sugar.

Image 6 via Nodstrom’s instagram.