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this is the great - heart college sweatshirt

As of late, the only sweatshirts I wear seem to be from The Great.  The company is the brainchild and creation of Emily Current and Meritt Elliott If their names sound familiar, that is because they were the original founders and designers behind Current/Elliott. In 2012 both women left Current/Elliott and launched The Great in the spring of 2015. The line, which includes everything form denim to dresses, perfectly reflects the duo's relaxed LA lifestyle with a focus on an 'Americana' style.  

I found the brand a few years back, ordered a t-shirt or two as well as a sweatshirt, and I instantly became hooked.  While I can often be found wearing one of their boxy striped t-shirts, their 'College Sweatshirt' is a mainstay in my wardrobe. They are simply everything you would want a sweatshirt to be - slightly oversized, perfectly warn in, coszy but not to thick.  Without a doubt, I probably wear one of their sweatshirts at least every other day. The pieces are certainly a splurge (not the cost of your classic alma matter sweatshirt from the college bookstore) but believe me, you wont be disapointed. 



images via The Great. 

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