Spotlight - LAKE Pajamas

The Best Pajamas - Lake Pajamas

I have found my new favorite pajamas - LAKE Pajamas. Hands down some of the softest cotton I have ever worn. I found LAKE via their beautiful instagram and have been following them for a few months. But to go from a follower to purchasing your first pair -- that always takes time and can be hard to take the plunge. LAKE pieces are reasonably priced, but none the less, it can be hard to splurge on pajamas when I often wear worn leggings and old t-shirts to bed. That is where Christmas was perfect, my sweet family gifted me this pants set. Two months later, my LAKE Pajamas have become my tried and true favorites! Their products are made from 'Peruvian prima cotton' which is gibberish to me, but in layman's terms let just leave it at amazingly soft! Trust me, this is a brand you want to have your eye on! 

Shorts Set      -      Pants Set       -      Nightgown       -        Robe