Spotlight - Amy Berry Design

Spotlight - Amy Berry Design - Dallas Interior Designer

While I often turn to shelter magazines, from House Beautiful to Domino, for interior design inspiration; Instagram is also a constant source of insight as well. I cannot recall how long I have been following Amy Berry on Instagram, but her images constantly amaze me and have me dreaming of what I would love my home to look like. The Dallas based interior designer is on the rise; this past spring Amy was tapped by House Beautiful as a designer to watch and later in the year she designed a space for the Southern Living Idea House. With preppy undertones, Amy designs spaces that are classic and layered with touches of bright color. I suspect that we will see much more from Amy in the years to come! 

Beyond her interior design business, Amy also has a wonderful online shop with the most adorable dog beds. I think our yellow lab Gunner needs a monogramed dog bed, don't you? If you are not in need of a dog bed, Amy also had a beautiful collection of pillows. 

Amy Berry Design - Southern Living 3
Amy Berry Design - Southern Living 2
Amy Berry Design - Instagram 6
Amy Berry Design - Instagram 4
Amy Berry Design - Instagram 1
Amy Berry Design - Instagram 2

All images via Amy's site and instagram. 

Amy Berry - Preppy Dog Beds 2
Amy Berry - Preppy Dog Beds 1

And then the dog beds...too cute for words! Shop here.