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Blue and White - Monogramed Sheets
D Porthault Pink Heart Sheets
Monogramed Leontine Linens - White Green Bedding.
Bedding Guide - Where to Buy New Sheets

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The other day my friend Abby and I were talking about decorating her bedroom. We were chatting about everything from fabric, to headboards and what sheets to buy. I sent a text to Abby with all of my bedding suggestions and realized those suggestions could be a perfect blog post for Simply Elegant. 

I think that people often tend to chose simple white bedding, which I understand; but I always think plain white is a bit of a missed opportunity. There are so many beautiful patterned sheets out there that can elevate your bedroom design. Or if you prefer white, maybe you could go for a colored trim or monogramed pillows. There is nothing I love more than a good monogram…because well, it must be my waspy roots. So from budget friendly options to chic monograms, these are my six favorite resources of where to buy bedding. 

Blue and White Bedding