Simply Found #9

Clockwise from top right:     1. Botanical Study # 4 from Furbish Studio     2. Tiered Maxi Dress in Blue by Co      3. Coconut Butter by Cap Beauty      4. Jacquard Blue Beach Towel      5. Folkloric Print Espadrilles by Isabel Marant    6. By the Pool via Pinterest     7.  Soeur Vienne Basket Bag

And it is August! Which to be honest is making me sad...I feel like August means that the summer is basically over. Where did the time go? But I am trying to talk myself out of this and realize that we still have at least one more month, if not a bit of September, of summer left. But at the same token, these final weeks of summer are making me realize that I need to be sure to take advantage of the beautiful weather and relaxed summer mindset. Because before we know it, the leaves will start changing and the fall weather will roll in. 

After being in New York for a few weeks and getting settled at my new job, I went home to Maine for the weekend. It was just a short trip, Friday to Sunday, but it was worth the travel time. Be sure to check back on the blog tomorrow when I will share some pictures from the weekend. 

So as per usual on each Monday  - here is this week's edition of Simply Found. Everything I am buying, eyeing and loving from around the web.