Simply Found #4

Clockwise from top right:    1. Parker thatch Gardens Blue and White iPhone Case      2. Grady's Cold Brew      3.  Karla Colletto Rick Rack One-Piece Swimsuit       4. Diptyque Jasmine  Candle     5. Artemis Design Classic Kilim Loafers     6.  Lola Hats Alpargatas Straw Hat     7. AYR  Easy Shirt in Poplin  

And the weekend has come and gone. Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend! I was busy in New York City starting to get my new apartment all organized. Well there is not much to organize because I don't have a lot of furniture yet, I have my bed, a few odds and ends and this beautiful entry table my mom got for me. Other than that I am waiting to buy anything else until my sofa is delivered and I can see how it works in the space. I will share more soon!  Anyways, back to today! It is Monday, so that means another installment of Simply Found. A collection of items from home decor to clothing that have caught my eye. 

  • While it is common for woman to have a signature scent in terms of perfume, I am wondering, do you have a go to candle scent for your home? I wanted to buy myself a nice candle for my new apartment so I got one of my favorite scents from Diptyque, Jasmine. But now I am wondering, should I stick with this scent or collect a few other candles to mix and match? 
  • With summer in full swing my morning coffee has become an iced coffee day in and day out. While I love running to a local coffee shop for an iced coffee with almond milk or a latte, those $5-7 drinks can add up quickly... So instead, I have started to make cold brew at home using these Grady's Cold Brew bags. It is so nice to have fresh coffee in my fridge each morning, I would highly suggest it! 
  • AYR - do you all have anything from them? The LA based brand is a direct to consumer line of everyday basics for the modern girl that you can wear All Year Round.  Pieces to take you from the office to drinks after work. I have seen the pieces around here and there, but I don't own anything. I am curious to try a few pieces, but sometimes I find it hard to order clothes from a company where you don't know their sizing. But I might just give it a go and order this chic white pop over top. 

There you have it: a few items I have found recently. Wishing you a wonderful Monday and start to the new week!