Web Links  6.3.16

Happy Friday! This week has felt like a total blur for me, one of those weeks where you can never remember what day it is. After graduation we stayed in Vermont for a bit and now I am home in Maine. My days have been filled with catching up on sleep, unpacking, and running errands. I find when I am out of my regular routine by not being at work or at school, I loose track of the difference between week days and weekends. None the less, this weekend will be busy and hopefully a step forward to putting me back on track. On Sunday, my cousin is having a bridal shower for her upcoming summer wedding, so that will be fun! And then I am off to New York for a few days to start to get settled in my new apartment. Be sure to follow along on snapchat @nan.philip. 

So before we head off to the weekend, as per usual, I thought I would stop in with some web links. 


  • Flower perfection in Boston (image above) -  True Vine
  • "The Hard Days Determine Who You Are"  -  Sheryl Sandburg
  • 24 new novels to add to your summer reading list  - Harper's Bazaar
  • @toastmeetsworld's mom talks about all things, from dogs of instagram too her fashion blog - Oh Boy Podcast



  • Why is black the go to outfit color for New Yorkers?  - NY Mag
  • Say it with your beach towel: "Reserved" - Chance
  • It may be summer. But dreaming of wearing clogs in the fall - Loeffler Randall