At Home in Lake Tahoe

I have been in love with the beautiful home of Jenni Kayne since it was published in Domino Magazine a few months ago. The Lake Tahoe home seems like such a calm and tranquil retreat. Jenni grew up in the home as a young child and later bought back the property, redecorating it to suit her young family and refined style. 

Jenni is the namesake of her own brand, Jenni Kayne, a collection of timeless yet casual pieces. From cozy white sweaters to classic black tank tops, and natural skincare to items for your home.  The neutral colors and clean lines of her clothing collection are amazing. Very 'simply elegant.'  I think the most well decorated homes are spaces that perfectly reflect the home owner; it is clear that someone has amazing taste when their home and their closet share similar aesthetics. 



View the original Domino Magazine store HERE. See Jenni Kayne's brand HERE.