Off to Harbour Island

Today I am headed off to Harbour Island for a few days with my mom for vacation. Have you ever been to Harbour Island before? We went for the first time last year after countless suggestions from many friends. The small island is in the Bahamas near Eleuthera and it is just beautiful! We are a big golf family, but there is no golf on the island, so my mom and I love that you can simply just relax and stop. I can't wait to relax on the beach, catch up on my reading list, sleep in late and just enjoy.  


All these images are from our trip to Harbour Island last year. Be sure to follow @SimplyElegantBlog on instagram or follow me on snapchat: nan.philip for some scenes from our trip. I will be sure to share more images when I return and perhaps a Simply Seven Guide to Harbour Island as well! 

Images by Nan for Simply Elegant Blog