Get Organized: UnRoll.Me

MY DESK:     MacBook Air,     Wireless Mouse,     Diptyque Mimosa,       Diptyque Jasmin,       Diptyque Gardenia,      Il Papiro Pen Holder. 

MY DESK:     MacBook Air,     Wireless Mouse,    Diptyque Mimosa,     Diptyque Jasmin,     Diptyque Gardenia,    Il Papiro Pen Holder. 

How many times do you check your email a day? In 2016, it seems that everyone has multiple email accounts and a day without email gives me anxiety. Like text messages, I seem to live and breath email. When I am working, I would so much rather email someone than pick up the phone and call someone. (Is that a product of being a millennial, maybe?) Be it on my phone or on my computer, I must check my email at least five times a day. However, the tricky thing is how much varied information and levels of importance there is between emails. One email might tell you to check in for your upcoming flight while the next email might be junk mail from a store. So how do we sort through all these emails efficiently? 

Let me introduce you to, UnRoll.Me.  Be prepared for this to change your life...that could be a bit dramatic... but it will surely change your email routines. UnRoll.Me will help you unsubscribe from all those mass emails you've racked up over the years and then also consolidate emails that you still want to be subscribed too. Simply, sign up using your email. UnRoll.Me will then sort through your email and see how many email lists you are on, if you are a shopper like me, that number will most likely be pretty high. Once UnRoll.Me discovers what emails you get, you can scroll through and unsubscribe from that email newsletter or you can add that newsletter to your 'Roll Up.' This is where the magic happens, all of these emails then get consolidated and instead of clogging up your inbox they get grouped together in one singular email that will come from UnRoll.Me. 

Think about those J.Crew, Shopbop and Net-A-Porter emails you get daily. Or the blogs you subscribe to (do you subscribe to Simply Elegant.) Start using UnRoll.Me to keep your daily email count to a minimum but still being able to have access to all those emails (hello promo codes!) I have been suing UnRoll.Me for over a year and it makes a word of difference. By weeding out those shopping and promotional emails, I am able to have increased focus on work and personal emails. Do you get overwhelmed by your email inbox? This could be the perfect solution. 


Are you wondering what the 'Roll Up' looks like? Here is mine from early this week. A simple preview of each email that I can then click through to see more or visit the connected website.