12. 18. 16

image from  Jackie

image from Jackie

It snowed for the first time in New York this weekend!

When I woke up on Saturday and saw the snow I was quickly overjoyed, it never truly feels like winter until is snows for the first time. By the end of the day it all started to melt away, but for a few hours on Saturday it was just perfection! Another great part of the snowy morning, it was the perfect excuse to have a lazy Saturday morning. As per usual, I am sharing some of my favorite articles, shopping links and tidbits from the past week. Enjoy! 



  • I am thinking about adding some extra flair to my holiday gifts by adding a 'sucree' (a small item such as an ornament on the outside of your gift.)  -  Garden & Gun
  • Keeping track of all my favorite winter images - Pinterest 
  • My gift-guides this year have been very far and few here on Simply Elegant (sorry for that!) so I am turning to some of my favorite blogging pals for gift ideas - The Blue Bijou and Natalie Catalina


  • I am taking notes from the go-to gift ideas of various interior designers - Architectural Digest  
  • I have found new favorite instagram account, @Schumacher1889. The only problem is that it always inspires me to want to redecorate  - Instagram


  • Who doesn't love a little ruffle? A beautiful Chinti & Parker sweater is on sale - Net-A-Porter
  • If the ruffle collar is not your style, I also love this swing sweater that is on sale as well - Rebecca Taylor
  • I have found my new go-to lipstick - Generation G in Cake.  It has the perfect hue and lasts all day long- Glossier


  • Another week, another movie.  I went to see the new Jackie Kennedy film this week and I thought it was marvelous. Everything from the directing to the wardrobe and interiors were perfection. I am tempted to go see it again.   -  Jackie
  • I typically have a very long list of restaurants 'to try' but in the past few months I have fallen off the wagon and feel very out of the loop about what are the new/good restaurants in the city. But one spot is on my list, a sister restaurant to Charlie Bird that mainly serves pizza - Pasquale Jones