Back in Vermont

Simply Elegant Blog - JCrew, Old Navy, Vermont

At the Shelburne Farms Fall Harvest Festival - White Denim Jacket,      Black Dress (great price!)    Sandals,     Necklace

Clementine Store Vermont - Sycamore Street, Captain Blackship

I gathered together a few of my favorite items from the most amazing small store, Clementine. Items: Card,   Lip Tint,   Ribbon,   Ring,   Your Cute,   Hair Oil   &   Ceramic Dish. 

Simply Elegant Blog - Vermont Wild Flowers

I picked up some colorful flowers from a farm stand down the road. Don't you love all the bright colors. This is truly the most beautiful time of year in Vermont. 

College Dorm Room - Preppy, Decorated, Blue, Dorm Design

Working on making this house (dorm) into a home.  Here is a little sneak peek of my dorm room this year. 

Oh my gosh, have the last two weeks just flown by, or what?! Sorry for the radio silence here on the blog, I have been busy getting settled back into the school year. It is crazy to think that this is my last year I am moving into a college dorm. Senior year is here, and like everyone warned me, the past three years flew by and I can't believe that I am already a senior. I hope that this year is the best one yet! So far it has been off to a wonderful start! (We will just see what happens when all my school work really starts to kick in...) 

My blog posts here on Simply Elegant might be a bit fewer and far between this fall, so please stick with me :)    I want to make sure that I enjoy and experience as much as possible this last year in Vermont. While my main focus will be on school work and friends I still hope to pop into the blog now and then. But of course, I always love to share my latest inspirations and finds with you all, so I am sure I will find the time to blog!!