Summer Tote

Is there one item in your closet that you seem to always collect? Shoes or jeans perhaps? For me it is bags: handbags, clutches, totes and travel bags. No matter the type, I probably have it and most likely will continue to buy more. There are just so many various styles or variations, one better than the next. And I also always seem to be carry countless items at once, so tote bags are my go-to!

This summer, at times I would need to bring two bags to work to bring everything from my computer to my exercise clothes. For the days where you have heavier load or extra amount to carry, this "#Uniform" tote from The Atelier fits the bill perfectly. A simple canvas tote that can fold up small yet also hold a good amount when in use. For days when I would exercise afterwork, I would often bring the tote to hold my to my gym clothes, sneakers and toiletries. Now that I am home in Maine, the tote has been perfect for heading to the farmers market to pick up some vegetables and fresh flowers. A perfect bag for grociers, because we all know that it is definitely no longer politically correct to not bring your own bag to the market. The other day I totally forgot our re-usable shopping bags, and eeeek the woman at the checkout gave me the evil eye. 

And then of course the saying printed on the tote is perfect:  "jeans, t-shirt, and top knot" is my kind of outfit! I also love this #SummerUniform Tote which is also part of The Atelier's Summer in the City collection. We know I have a thing for stripes!