Image by Nan for S.E.B

Image by Nan for S.E.B

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today was the first weekend where I really felt like the summer flying by.  I was chatting with friends and trying to plan weekend getaways for the rest of the summer and we started to realize the the amount of upcoming summer weekends is starting to dwindle. But when it feels like something is flying by that is usually a strong sign that you are having lots of fun, which is so true in the case of this summer!

After another great week in New York, I escaped the concrete jungle for a night and went out with two of my best high school friends to the Hamptons for Saturday night. Even though we were only gone for a little more than 24 hours, it was so relaxing. Our time at the beach was nice change of pace from the hustle of the city. I have also stayed in New York for a good amount of weekends over the past few weeks, which I have loved as well, but after two fun weekends away I am starting to understand why so many New Yorkers travel in the summer on the weekends. What were you all up to this past weekend? 


Before I jump into regular blog posts over the next few days I just wanted to share a few links and sites that have caught my eye lately, think of it as sort of a 'weekend links' type of blog post that instead is going to start off a new week. 

  • Annie Reeve's introduced me to Hyla DeWitt's beautiful jewelry last week and I quickly fell in love. This fabulous necklace called my name and I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. 
  • Did you all read the article about the pitfall of using 'just' in correspondence or conversation. Ellen's notes were so true, I certainly fall back on using 'just' too often. 
  • I watched this video by my favorite natural skincare brand, Tata Harper, and practically took notes. Tata helps all of us out there who always wonder, in what order should I use my skincare products. Tone than moisturize or vise/versa. 
  • Are you looking for new blogs to add to your list of daily reads? Start following my new bestie Abby at The Blue Bijou. Abby and I are both in New York this summer and I have loved having a real life, in person, not just internet (teehee) blogger friend! And then there is also the fact that she helps me step up my instagram game a bit ;) 
  • On my to-do list for this week, go to the sailboat turned restaurant/cocktail bar on the hudson: Grand Banks. I have seen images all over instagram and heard rave reviews from friends so I need to make it over to this perfect summer spot! Not only am I looking forward to the fresh seafood but also for the Mate Gallery Pop-Up Shop on the boat, who doesn't love some nautical & vintage inspired shopping!