Favorite Coffee Shops - New York City

image via @simplyelegantblog

image via @simplyelegantblog

One of my favorite past times over the past few weeks while I have been in New York City is to tackle my long list of restaurants and cafes to try. Ranging from fancy dinners, sweet treats to cafes. 

I am an early riser but my internship doesn't start until 10 in the morning, so one of my latest habits is to often try a new coffee shop before work. While I am trying to cut down on my caffeine intake, I find that I always need one coffee to help me make it through the day. Normally I will hop on the subway uptown in the morning, head downtown and try a new spot. Below are a few of my favorites that I have been going to repeatedly over the past few weeks. 


Toby's Estate

West Village - 44 Charles Street and 7th Avenue

I learned about Toby's thanks to Amy Stone and I am so glad that she suggested it! While I am trying to try lots of different coffee shops I always end up simply wanting to return to Toby's. The space is light, open and welcoming while having a neighborhood feel. What to order: Iced Latte with Almond Milk and Avocado Toast (possibly the best avo toast you will ever have!)


Bluestone Lane - Collective Cafe 

55 Greenwich Ave and Perry Street 

Simply put, Australia knows how to make some delicious coffee. This cafe outpost of Bluestone Cafe offers delicious coffee as well as a vast breakfast and lunch menu.  Such as: eggs, granola, avocado smash, hot quinoa bowls. Not to mention the design of the space is absolutely adorable, bright white and blue instantly brightens your mood. 


Birch Coffee 

57 7th Avenue and West 12th Street 

While this coffee shop might be small in size it makes up for in its coffee. Nestled in along busy 7th avenue is the perfect spot to grab your iced coffee when you are in route to work. With just three tables inside, don't expect Birch Coffee to be the spot where you can work on your computer for hours (though wifi is available.) If you need a sweet treat as you grab your coffee, their pastries are great, including the oh so tempting Dough Donuts. 



239 Centre Street, between Broom St and Grand St

I am not going to lie to you, I first ventured to Maman after seeing countless instagrams of their beautiful blue and white to-go cups. I equally value the quality of the coffee & food with the aesthetics and feel of a cafe. Maman did not disappoint! Go for the coffee, but stay a while; they have a quaint seating area in the back of the store where you feel like you are no longer in New York City but instead in France. And then of course their is the tiled floor, Abby and I could not resist from snapping some instagrams. 


Two Hands 

164 Mott Street (between W Houston Street and Broom Street)

While I love cold brew or an iced latte in the summer, I also love a good iced chai, so I mix it up a bit when I go to Two Hands. Want a health (and instagram worthy) lunch for breakfast, Two Hands is for you. I was slightly surprised to see that you are seated at a table and have a waiter in contrast to the typical counter set up at most cafes, but not a problem. Almost makes a stop at Two Hands for lunch a little bit fancier than some other options. 



120 West 3rd Street (between MacDougal and Sixth Avenue) 

While this isn't exactly your neighborhood coffee shop, I thought I would still include it on my list because it is another stop I often make before work for breakfast when I have time. Almost every morning all year long I eat oatmeal for breakfast, a few years ago it used to be greek yogart and granola but now it is always oatmeal. I use quick oats and I love that in just a few minutes I will have created a yummy and filling breakfast. Due to my love of oatmeal I knew I had to try out Oatmeals after my friend Maddie raved about it. Consider it the 'Pinkberry' of oatmeal. You select your size, your kind of oats, and then toppings on toppings! 


Next Up: The next few places on my list to try are: Happy Bones, 394 Broome Street. Jack's Stir Brew, 138 West 10th Street. Stumptown, 30 West 8th Street. 

Tell me, what places am I missing? Do you have a favorite coffee shop in New York?