Summer Reading List



One of my goals for this summer it pick back up reading for fun! During the school year I find it really hard to read on my own time after finishing all my reading for my school work. Instead, during the year I get in a bad habit of watching tv shows right before I fall asleep. While I havn’t exactly stopped watching TV (Real Housewives of New York, anyone?) I have read a good collection of books over the past few weeks. Now that I am in New York, I have also started listening to books on Audible, they are great for my commute to my internship. Below is a list of the books that I have read and some brief thoughts on the novels. But lets be honest here, don’t expect award winning titles, I usually stick with the simple, fun, romantic novels.


The Girl on the Train: This book took more twist and turns than I ever would have expected. While the book may start off a little slow, I suggest you stick with it. By the end of the book it gets really intense and exciting!

Sharp Objects: I am in the middle of reading (or actually listing on Audible during my commute) this right now. I really enjoyed Gone Girl so I wanted to try something else Gillian Flynn. The book has a similar suspenseful story line, a reporter looks into the murders of young children in a small town while she also tries to sort through her difficult childhood. I will keep you all updated on what I think once I finish!

Luckiest Girl Alive: I spotted this book on Reese Witherspoon’s instagam, yes I know a bit of an interesting way to find a book suggestion, but Reese shared that her publishing company bought the rights to the novel so therefore I expected a great read (they also produced the film adaptation of Gone Girl.) To be honest, I really struggled to make it all the way through this book. I will leave it to you all to make your own decisions, and I don’t want to spoil anything…but I didn’t love the main character so I found it difficult to root for her. 

The Shell Collector: This novel is nothing ground breaking but it is the perfect beach read. Great for reading while you are working on your tan this summer. Added bonus, the main characters are brought together due as they study sea shells.

Big Little Lies: If you haven’t read this yet, go buy it right now! This was my favorite book that I have read in the past few weeks! The novel focuses on three different women, all mothers at the same school, and how their friendship evolves and their lives overlap. The story line keeps you on the edge of your seat, as you work to put all the pieces together.

The Husband’s Secret: After loving Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies, I quickly wanted to try some of her other novels. Again we see Liane follow various character’s by writing from each character’s perspective in each chapter. Personally, I did not love this as much as Big Little Lies, but it was still a fun read.

What Alice Forgot: I continued reading Liane’s work and this was next. This was a unique read; the story line follows Alice, a thirty year old mother of three kids, who lost her memory of the past 10 years when she falls off her spinbike. Throughout the book you follow Alice as she slowly regains her memory and tried to make sense of the last 10 years of her life.

The Knockoff: This is next on my list, I havn’t started this yet but am looking forward to it. Like all of my recent reads, it doesn’t sound overly intellectual but it does sound fun!

I need your help, what have you read recently?? I need suggestions of what to read next. What is on your reading list this summer?