Happy Saturday! I hope that you all had a wonderful week. My week in Maine was total bliss. A relaxing week where I basically did nothing - it was heavenly. My biggest adventures were to some exercise classes or whole foods, other wise I was a total homebody. A week were yoga pants were my constant uniform and lazy mornings were customary. I head to New York City next week for a summer internship, so I am taking total advantage of this down time at home before I am in the hustle and bustle of New York. This weekend will probably have a similar relaxing nature, only plans I have currently are going to a hot yoga class, probably some tacos and margaritas, and maybe a movie (considering either Aloha or Far From The Maddening Crowd.) Hopefully you all have more exciting weekends planed?! 

Here are a few links that caught my eye this week: 

  • Hallie wrote a great piece about moving away from New York City to Chicago. She made so many interesting points, especially because I need to start thinking about where I want to live after I graduate from college next spring. Hoping that I can make it to one of Hallie's Soul Cycle classes before she leaves the city. 
  • I ordered a pair of these perfect sandals this week and can't wait for them to arrive. 
  • Take your love for emoji's to the next level with these stickers. What will I do with emoji stickers, I have no idea...but I do know that I need them, asap! 
  • As we ease into summer, my skin is in desperate need of a facial. I cant wait to try Heyday once I arrive in New York, this new skincare locations offers custom 30 or 60 minute facials. No more need to worry about fitting a spa day into your schedule. 
  • Your favorite stripe beach coverup is now making its way into the bedroom. Lemlem released and exclusive home collaboration with Anthropologie with bedding, bath towels and accessories. Talk about stripe perfection. 
  • How beautiful does Bradley's Birthday Fiesta party look! Love all the bright colors, and that pineapple piΓ±ata. Perfection.