To the Beach

Clockwise from top left:     Reserved Towel,     French Blue Striped Towel,      Venice Towel,      Happy Towel,      Navy Striped Towel,       Cape Cod Towel,        Grey Striped Towel,      Blue Fish Towel.     

With the long weekend just around the corner, I suspect that many of us will be headed out to the beach for the weekend! I am heading home to Maine for the weekend and I can't wait!

I have always loved a classic cabana striped beach towel but I sometimes wonder if they are over done? So then when I spotted some of these other fun designs, I started thinking of how fun it would be to have a mix of towels? To keep the same aesthetic, I would try to stick with in the same color scheme. So of course for me, that would be the classic choice of blue and white!