A Day in California

Time to get serious, where would you rather live, New York City or Los Angeles? Yes, yes I know it is such a classic question; most people have an immediate answer either preferring the hustle and bustle of the city or the warm weather and relaxed attitude of California. However, I am starting to wonder, does the question have to be so black and white. 

I have always lived in New England and thought that when I get out of school I will live in a city on the North East, probably New York City, maybe Boston. New England is all I have ever know. Yet, more and more, I am pondering the idea of California.

The other day One Kings Lane did a feature on Julia Leach, the founder and owner of Chance, documenting her daily life now that she has moved from New York to Los Angeles. Let me tell you, if you were not already wondering about life in California...you will think about packing your bags after learning about Julia's daily routine. Early morning wake-ups, walks along the beach, and fresh produce from the farmers market: count me in! 

What about you? New York City or Los Angeles? Or maybe either? 

- Images via One Kings Lane-