Amy Stone's West Village Apartment

Amy Stone, do you want to move out of your beautiful apartment, and I can just move in?!

If you don't recognize the name Amy Stone (or @amystone) then you must not be on instagram or simply living under a rock. Amy works for Gap & GapKids and shares constant inspiration on her acclaimed instagram, @amystone. Amy's well edited and curated images are always a joy to see when they pop up on my feed. She is constantly reminding me of the perfect combination of navy and white or making me dream of a Nantucket getaway. 

Domino Magazine recently captured Amy in her West Village apartment. With only 450 square feet Amy has created a bright, welcoming and well edited space. From a lucite desk, old trunks and beautiful art Amy's home is just my style. The images display a home that has seems to have sense of calm and happiness.