The Best 2016 Desk Planners

Do you still keep a daily planner or do you keep track of your schedule and appointments on your phone? I do both. My Apple Calendar is full of various commitments and meetings. However, I am not ready to fully commit to technology, I still like to have a written out schedule as well. I think this may also be due to the fact that I am still in school, so a planner is key to keeping track of my assignments and homework.  Let me be frank and tell you that I have tried MANY a planners over the years. From this Kate Spade Planner and this Bando Planner, and then also the Emily Ley Daily Planner and the Whitney English Planer.  And those are just a few of the various versions I have tried! So you can trust me when I tell you these options are the best of the best! 

Week At a Glance: 1. Bando Large Agenda   2. Gigi NY Desk Diary    3. Kate Spade Large Monthly Planner    4.  1-Canoe-2 Floral Planner    5.  Kate Spade Medium Monthly Planner    6. Rifle Paper Toile Planner  Week at a glance are the common form of calendars in the world of desk planners. Each page will be split into a few sections so that two faces pages include all seven days of the week. Sometimes the pages are split vertically or horizontally. A great option to be able to see everything you have going on each week on one page. 

Daily Planners:  7.  Emily Ley Daily Simplified Planner in Gold Pineapple  8. Emily Ley Dapper Desk 2016   9.  Whitney English Day Designer  If you are more detail oriented, like I am, then this might be the better option for you. These planners have one full page for each day, so that you can write down all your appointments and keep track of various to-do lists. I have tried multiple versions of single page daily planners and these are the best out there. I have used both Emily Ley and Whitney English. Both of them nail it on the simplicity and the layout of the pages. With one page for each day there are areas for appointments,  to-do lists and additional notes; everything you need!  This year I ordered the Dapper Desk Planner from Emily Ley, while I like the layout of their original design, it is a bit colorful for my taste. So this more simplistic, leather bound, version seemed perfect. 

Do you know what planner you are going to use this year? Let me know, maybe I need to add a new company into my repertoire.