Holiday Drink: Champagne Cocktail

With Christmas right around the corner (just two more days!) I think we should talk about holiday traditions. My friend Natalie created a wonderful blog post earlier this week rounding up various Holiday Favorites  from a great group of bloggers. From our favorite christmas ornaments and holiday storefront display to our family traditions, Natalie covered it all. Head over to Catalina Creative to see the full post. One of the questions was 'favorite holiday cocktail.' While I love a good margarita or mojito, over the holidays I always opt for some bubbly! My go-to holiday cocktail is a Classic Champagne Cocktail. The perfect drink for any occasion and really anyone at a party; my grandmother, my mom and I all love this cocktail. It is simple and delicious (and you might already have all the ingredients in your bar.) So here it is, 6 easy steps for the perfect holiday drink. 

  1.  Champagne Glasses.          
  2. Sugar Cube.        
  3. Bitters ( I use the classic, Angostura Aromatic Cocktail Bitters.)      
  4. Champagne or Prosecco. (I suggest saving the Veuve Clicquot to drink on its own another night, and instead opt for something more affordable for this cocktail. I always buy  La Marca Prosecco.)       
  5. A twist of a lemon.        
  6. A fun embroidered napkin, like this Peacock Design from Lettermade.  Lettermade Peacock embroidered cocktail napkin. 

Cheers!    xoxo Nan