12.28.15 - Around the Web

Happy Monday! For those of you who celebrate Christmas, I hope that you had wonderful holiday! I hope it was filled with laughter and joy with friends and family. We had a perfect Christmas here in Florida with my family. I love the air that surrounds Christmas, the traditions and happiness that surrounds the day makes me smile all day long. We focus our Christmas festivities on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning and then it all dies down a bit for a simple evening on Christmas Day. After a delicious breakfast and some gifts, we took advantage of the beautiful warm Florida weather and headed over to the beach for a swim in the ocean. It may not be the most common Christmas activity, but it works for us!  

This week will be a busy week on the blog with various posts about New Years Eve, from outfit inspiration to cocktail ideas, as well as some other posts about 2016. However, before all of that I simply wanted to pop in and share some links that have caught my eye recently: 

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