November Favorites



Happy November! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. I thought I would start off the month sharing some of my favorite items that I wear and use non stop as we transition from autumn to the winter. From cozy t-shirts and sweaters to the perfect nail polish. 

  1. Autumn in Maine. I have been home in Maine the past two weekends, and while it is so much colder then the summer it is still just as beautiful! The ocean is just as blue. Simple perfection. 
  2. Dry skin saviors = Tata Harper Smoothing Body Scrub and Revitalizing Body Oil. While I have been using Tata Harper skincare for more than a year of so now, I just just started using their body products. And they do not disappoint! My legs always get really dry in the winter and by using the body scrub and then following up with the body oil after showering makes a world of difference. They are a must as the weather gets chillier. 
  3. Cozy T-Shirts. Current/Elliot is my go-to destination for solid t-shirts for every day. They are a bit of a splurge but so worth it! When I'm totally lazy and don't officially get dressed for the day (aka half my life in college) I reach for my Good H-you-man t-shirts. Oh my gosh they are so soft and cozy, and every once and a while I'm game for the cheesy sayings. 
  4. I am all about switching up my nail polish in the winter so I am starting to move to darker colors. Right now I am loving this shade from Deborah Lippmann and this red from OPI. 
  5. This everyday tote is my go-to back at school, it is the perfect size and style. I have an Annabel Ingall Large Tote in a light blue but I love the idea of a tan for the fall and winter. 
  6. Warm Layers: one less so. Both are some of my favorite go-tos. At college in Vermont, Patagonia's are almost the uniform..but for good reason! I could wear one of their snap fleeces every day. Or if I am not wearing my Patagonia, I will probably wearing my Vince turtleneck, another favorite. 

What are your go-tos for November? Do you have pieces or products that you swear by? Let me know, because maybe I need to add them to my list also!!