Perfect Farm House


Yesterday over dinner with friends, we were brainstorming where we imagine living when we are older and have families. We dreamed of having two homes, one in a city and another in the country or on the ocean. I imagined one day living in a city, maybe New York, and being fortunate enough to also have a home outside the city. Out in the rolling hills and small towns of Connecticut or upstate New York. How ideal would that be, being able to live a busy life in the city but also having an escape out in the country. 

When I came across these images of Kieran DiTullio's farm house home in upstate New York it encompasses exactly what I envision as a perfect country house. The classic red barn exteriors, the mixture of modern furniture and old worldly antiques, the bright light that streams through the windows and casual feeling of the decor is all perfection. 

Where would your dream home be?   Do you imagine a house in the country or a chic apartment in a city?